Finished Look

A cross section with High elongation (797% elongation 2 part Polyurea)  crack filler installed around Sealed sections of the 6850 Square Foot Floor.

Finished Floor showing neat professional Crack filler and sealer apply to Waterproof the area.

Sealing new construction in Winchester NH

We are sealing the floors of a new home which had micro cracks in the floor within a year of the foundation being poured. We hand sealed the micro cracks first and then applied a thin coating to seal the floor, it is awaiting a decorative coat from the owner of the house.

Brushing  Micro cracks to ensure waterproofing,.


Half Way Finished


Almost finished




It’s Monadnock Pumpkin Festival Time again: Community Carve Night Oct 18, 2018

Monadnock Community Crave Night

October 18, 2018 at the Cheshire Fair Grounds in Swanzey, NH. Come join us craving pumpkins, creating Pink Pumpkins to support Joy’s network, and have a great night of community fun.









The Festival is All day on Oct. 20 at the Cheshire Fairgrounds.


And don’t forget the Pink Pumpkin Challenge to Raise money for Joy’s Network here in Southwestern NH.

Top Coat on Carport Floor

We finished by rolling on a Pure Polyurea top coat for UV stability and long term service live. This added texture on the floor. Ok we are not great photographers but we install a superior solution for our customers.

Applying Top Coat

The coating protects the Water Chasing® vapor barrier primer and provides a finished final product.

Rolling on Top Coat

Results are a good look with exceptional service life and wear performance.