Issue 7: One Size Fits all Fallacy

The One-Size-Fits-Fallacy

Polyurea coatings and polyurea hybrid coatings are generally both high performing and weather tolerant in ambient application conditions of both high and low temperature. Polyurea coating tends to be highly flexible and waterproof–a good, tough, all-around coating. However, substrate (surface) and application conditions, product usage, application options, chemical and atmospheric exposure considerations, and other factors must be considered when selecting both a coating system supplier and a coating system.

Industrial Coatings requirements are different from Residential and Commercial floor coatings

Many suppliers or marketers of polyurea-based systems take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. They offer a strong, waterproof, durable, product you can use for your roof, your fish ponds, your truck bed liner, your deck, your garage floor, or wherever you have a need. While you could use it that way, don’t assume that a specific polyurea coating system is either the best, or even the safest, product for every application.

Exterior Weather and Wear is different from an interior Store Floor

It’s vital to determine the different exposures (how it will be attacked) and service conditions that the coating will experience before selecting a coating system for a job. Depending on its application, some polyurea coating formulas may work well, whereas others may be inappropriate. For example, a fish pond polyurea hybrid coating can be waterproof, durable, tough, and seamless; but, if the formulator does not use a catalyst that either becomes part of the polymer matrix or is benign to fish, the catalyst will leach out of the coating system and kill the fish!
Unfortunately, the polyurea coating market is being overtaken by short-sighted salesmen wanting to make money quickly. The industry is, in large part, lacking the customer service specialists whose primary interests are to match the end-customers’ needs with the best solutions. Look for coating systems specialists that understand that only by solving each customer’s specific need will they create a customer for life.

Food Processing Work Area Coating

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