It is almost Pumpkin Festival Time

Community Carve Night!
Free Carving at the Cheshire Fair Ground
Thursday, 10/10/19
Bring a carving kit and your creativity!!

Community Crave Night at Cheshire Fairgrounds Oct. 10, 2019.

Grinding, repairing and sealing laundry room floor

It has Been a BUSY Spring and early summer for WB Sealer Systems, LLC

Here we are working in a home laundry room where moisture is coming up through the floor.

Floor before Grinding

Starting to grind

Repairing Concrete

Almost ready for Sealer

Finishing and Sealing Failing Cinder Block Bulkhead.

We created a Waterproof box out of Cinder block walls and thin poured concrete floor.

Sealing top edge of Bulkhead at Bilco Edge.

Bulkhead Wall and Floor Coated with Perma-Block Sealer System

Sealing around Stair Cleats in Cinder Block Bulkhead.






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Sealed Cinder Block Wall Areas

Sealed Section of Cinder Block Cellar Walls. Cinder Blocks are more porous than poured concrete foundations, but Perma-Block® creates a vapor barrier within the Block for excellent Waterproofing.

Sealed Wall

Sealed Wall ready for Finishing

Repairing Knee Wall in Westmoreland, NH

Micro Crack have appeared over the years in this 1980’s knee wall. We are going to Seal the Section with Perma-Block™ Water Chasing ®  Primer Solving a long developing problem.  These resulted in damaged dry wall in an Entry way Room. We fixed these in the dead of winter.



These are easy for use to Seal with our Unique penetrating Sealer which creates a true Vapor barrier inside the Concrete and fills the micro-cracks with a long term solution.